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Curator’s Last Word





Department of Industrial and Business Management 
College of Management
Chang Gung University


Formosa Plastics Corporation was established in 1954.  For over sixty years, the Formosa Plastics Enterprise has achieved excellent success in the fields of plastics, textiles, petrochemicals and electronics.  In addition, in order to uphold the motto, “That which    society has given should, in turn, be repaid for the benefit of society”, it has continuously made contributions in the spheres of healthcare, education and social welfare.

It is hoped that the creation of the Formosa Plastics Group Museum may encourage appreciation for the varied routes of enterprise development that grew out of the persistent efforts of the two founders, Chairman Wong Yong-Ching and Co-Chairman Wang Yong-Zai.  In addition to presenting its fixed displays of hardware and software exhibits, the Museum’s mission is to present and promote the spirit of “Diligence, Frugality, Preservation, Sustainability and Trustworthiness” to the public.  Accordingly, the Museum annually presents its Ethical Education Conduct Award to recognize the “Diligence & Frugality” of primary and middle school students in Taoyuan.  This honor is not based simply upon students’ academic achievements, but rather, it recognizes their “Diligence & Frugality” as well as their “honesty, fairness and respect” as measured by the United States Character Education Federation (CEP) moral standard.  The awards have encouraged many poor but hard-working students who, each year, inspire our judges.

The Museum is open all year round except for Mondays and during spring recess.  The staff welcome people of all backgrounds to visit and give feedback to the Museum.  Our organization works hard towards the goal of securing public recognition and appreciation for the achievements of the Formosa Plastics Group.  It is also our hope to see people like Wang Yong-Ching and Wang Yong-Zai continuously emerge in future generations.