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The corporate logo for Formosa Plastics Group is one of great uniqueness. The numerous company emblems look similar upon first glance, but are in fact distinct interlocked icons that symbolize mutual aid, cooperation, and harmony among all its business entities. The logo further symbolizes the formidable potential of Formosa Plastics Group with its long history and continuous corporate structure.

The Formosa Plastics Group selected eleven representatives from its more than forty corporate entities to design the corporate logo. They include four major companies -- Formosa Plastics Corporation, Nan Ya Plastics Corporation, Formosa Chemicals & Fiber Corporation, and Formosa Petrochemical Corporation; two universities -- Chang Gung University, and Ming Chi University of Technology; and Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Nan Ya Technology Corporation, Formosa Heavy Industries Corporation, Formosa Plastics Marine Corporation, and Formosa Ha-Tinh Steel Corporation (FHS).

Did you notice that the symbols representing these companies are mostly taken from Chinese pictographs? They are unique in the international business world with their simple yet powerful message, further strengthening the public’s recognition and trust in the Formosa Plastics Group.

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