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Ethical Education Conduct Awards

Brief Introduction 

In coordination with the Ministry of Education’s promotion of its plan of moral education, the Museum encourages the entrepreneurial spirit of “Diligence & Frugality” (D&F) with its distinctive Character Education Conduct Awards.

In recognition of their D&F practices, award candidates are selected from among middle and primary school students in Taoyuan.  Rather than being given according to the students’ academic achievements, candidates are judged according to their display of diligence and frugality as well as “concern, honesty, fairness and respect” as measured by the Character Education Federation (CEP, USA) ethical standards.

A total of three awards—Gold Award, Silver Award and Bronze Award—are presented to winners chosen by a selection committee consisting of Taoyuan City Board of Education representatives and Chang Gung University scholars.  The awards ceremony is held in October of each year.  Through support and affirmation, it is the Museum’s objective to encourage the ethics of hard-working and self-motivated students.