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Museum’s Internship Program

1. Targets for enrollment

Freshmen and sophomore students from Chang Gung University, Chang Gung University of Science and Technology, and Ming Chi University of Technology.


2. Brief Introduction

This plan was created out of the Museum’s desire to bring in students from three universities for practical training in order to cultivate honorable and responsible character as well as to further communication between businesses and schools.  This is in accordance with the Museum’s purpose as an institution that promotes our corporate heritage and implements pioneering educational projects.  This is to be a mutual learning platform for younger generations and retirees from the enterprise.  Participating students will learn about Formosa Plastic Group’s corporate spirit and its products while gaining service experience.   May you, the participating students and the future working generation, gain a progressive outlook on life from this transfer of experience and knowledge!

For students who meet academic qualifications, scholarships are provided.  This plan may facilitate work-study opportunities and boost students’ creativity.  As part of the carefully prepared curriculum, students will be able to apply their newly acquired skills to special situations in varied fields.  In addition, regular discourses with the Museum staff will mutually stimulate creativity and have a positive effect on students’ practical experience.

The program provides a complete promotional pipeline.  Interns may fully participate in meetings of Museum affairs and operations at various stages of their practicums and at different levels of Museum management.